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Welcome to My name is Holger Kroemer, I am the photo-grapher, designer and creator of esp-photography. I have a great passion for photography and have always been fascinated with extreme sports. Four years ago I decided to combine these two interests and was born. My aim is to cover extreme sports activities throughout Namiba.

We cover: Motocross - Wakeboarding - Enduro - Skateboarding - Rally racing - Surfing - Kitesurfing - BMX riding etc
Extreme sports photography is an independent company, which was established in Windhoek (Namibia)  in 2007 and offers photography in all extreme sport fields. During the last few years, esp was involved with the marketing of national and inter-national events, as well as advertising.

The portfolio stretches from the branding of an event, brochure and flyer design, posters, newspaper advertisements, entry tickets to events, programs and clothing designs, as well as CD covers and websites. My core clients are moto cross riders, and most importantly, the sponsors of the sports.

Photography is a media that always astonishes people.   Extreme sports photography creates large, well-designed posters, which will enhance any home, office or company bar. Framing of a photo has a great effect on how it is viewed. The correct picture frame will enhance a photo and it will work as an advertising element of yourself and the sponsors behind the sports person.

FOOTLOOSE in AFRICA is the ultimate 49 day SKYDIVING & BASE JUMPING Roadtrip Boogie. It’s a truly African Human Flight adventure.
The new Order form:

To make the ordering easyer for you, esp has designed a order form with each sports categorie listed, you just need to ad in the picture nr. You can choose your poster size, picture frame and also ad a personal massage to the order.

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